Because of the cold winter months, mucus and phlegm are unavoidable things we have to deal with. If we leave mucus to buildup and not get it treated, it will lead to cough, sore throat and then you will possible be infected with a disease. There over-the-counter drugs that can break-up mucus and prevent cough and sore throat from worsening but the problem is, they can make you drowsy easily. There are ways to eliminated mucus and phlegm without going for medication always. This will not give you that drowsy feeling and make you sleep at inappropriate times.

Try to clear your throat or cough. This is a natural respones to mucus buildup by the bodyy as this breast apart mucus that are clumping and help it pass through your body or out of it. You can also try fluids. Drinking a lot of fluids can loosen and thin out your mucus, making sure that they don’t build up in your throat and chest. A minimum of eight glasses a day of water is very much recommended. You can also try adding moisture to the air you have in your home by the use of a humidifier or water boiling from your stove. Because the extra humidity will moisten your mucus, it will moisturize your airway and make it easier to pass the mucus through your body.

You can also try a nasal spray made of saline solutioon or gargle with salt water. If sal it combined with liquid, it will moisturize your nasal passages which are dry because of the mucus. This also prevents the mucus from clumping up your throat and nose. You can eat spicy foods to thin mucus and expel it out from the body through your nose and mouth. Chilli peppers and Wasabi Peas can be good foods to eat thin and thin out the mucus.

Homemade peppermint tea can also help eliminate sore throat and loosening your mucus. Making a tea out of cup of boiling water and a teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves is enough to get prevent mucus from clumping up. Make sure that you let it cool before drinking and drink at least three to five times each day. Don’t use this on infants or small children though. If you can find natural ways to treat your problem, the better. Relying on medication will only give you side effects.

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